Lucid Dreaming Binaural – Very Strong! 30 Mins

Lucid Dreams… or the act of being awake and aware inside your dreams.This audio was designed to do two things: Help you to remember your dreams, and aid you in being lucid in them and control them by bringing you from a high to a low theta, where dreams can intensify! Normally being able to control a dream takes months of intense practice, but with this dose it can come much easier! Since the first few times a user becomes lucid can be intense, so be aware and enjoy!

Power Nap – Pure Binaural Tones – 20 minutes

Enjoy this refreshing 20 minute power nap, featuring pure binaural tones, no sound effects, no background music. It begins by gradually easing you down into the beat frequency over 3 minutes, finishes with easing you out of it over 3 minutes. It gradually goes down from 160 to 110 hz over the entire duration, easing back up during the final minutes.
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